Childhood Nostalgia

Miss the old days of retro arcade and classic games? Invite your pals for a few drinks, snacks and some retro gaming with this easy-to-setup Love 8Bit Consle! Just hook it up to your TV or projector add in some surround sound system and experience arcade gaming with your friends and family like it's still in the 90s! Enjoy old-style arcade gaming with an all-new and improved gaming joystick for longer hours of gaming fun and excitement!

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Love 8bit Arcade Consoleā„¢


Most of the time we reminisce fondly about our childhood,  That's where our console come in. The Love 8bit Console™ connects your inner child and adult body all into one pleasurable gaming experience for you or your children!

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Entertain your guests with our console inspired from our childhood, when times we're simpler. Play over 1300 games with your family and loved ones!